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Last week, Jimmy took a group of Red Mangrove guests snorkeling. While expectations are usually high when we take our guests snorkeling, no one could have ever expected what they would see.

While snorkeling from our boat, the group saw a pod of Pilot Whales. They were able to swim alongside of them, diving and surfacing. The video below captures what it was like. It is unedited, as we wanted to keep it true to the experience. Sorry for the bobbing and shaky (at times) footage, but can’t you just imagine yourself there?

Note: While it would be amazing to offer this Galapagos Tour to all of our guests, we simply can’t forecast just when and where the animals will be.

Galapagos Snorkeling Experience: Swimming With Pilot Whales

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2 Responses to Amazing! Snorkeling With Pilot Whales in the Galapagos Islands (Video)

  1. Javier Mosquera says:

    My wife and I were part of that group, we were on our honeymoon. I have to say that being in that water and seeing those pilot whales was a once in a lifetime moment and something I will never forget. I can’t say enough great things about our experience with Red Mangrove, I highly recommend them to anyone thinking about visiting the Galapagos. Jimmy and Charlie were amazing tour guides and gave us an experience we will always cherish.

  2. forrestbivens says:

    Yep, this just solidifies your place on my bucket list!

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