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Three months ago, we announced that we are giving away a Galapagos Adventure for Two. The contest ended yesterday February 12th – the 180th Anniversary of Galapagos belonging to Ecuador. More than 4500 people entered to win and this morning we randomly drew the winner.
And the winner is: C Danette and has been contacted by our sales department to arrange the trip. Congratulations C Danette!

Watch the The Winner of Galapagos Trip for Two Filmed Live

If you aren’t: C Danette and subscribed during the contest period (November 16th to February 12th) you have won an appreciation prize. Check your email for details.

Why Should You Stay Subscribed?

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading the blog these past few months. We have lots of big things planned. Bryan & Dena are heading back to the Galapagos to explore and they’ll be taking photos, shooting HD videos and creating tons of great new content.

The Red Mangrove Travel Blog is the right place for you if…
  • you are planning (or even hoping) on visiting the Galapagos during your lifetime
  • you have children who love to explore – on foot and online (our blog is 100% child friendly)
  • you are an armchair traveler who loves to learn about amazing places and animals
And once in a while (no more than twice a year) we’ll let you know abut special sales and package discounts.


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3 Responses to And The Galapagos Trip for Two Winner is … (Video)

  1. Shlvallejo says:

    Congrats C. Danette!  Have a great time.

  2. Timmad says:

    Dear Sir and Madams,

    Thank you for putting on such a great contest! I really enjoyed the way you drew the winner on video. It was great fun and exciting to watch. Congratulations to C Danette. I hope you have a wonderful time.

    With appreciation, Tim Madrid

  3. Jason says:

    My heart suck when I learned I didn’t win as this would be a passionate trip for myself. Perhaps some other time.

    Congrats C Danette!

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