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Today we have a full day planned. This morning we are heading to Las Grietas –  20 minute hike after taking a water taxi from the Pier in Puerto Ayora. This afternoon we are going to Playa Escondida (meaning Hidden Beach) a little known area that can only be visited by zodiac. We are thrilled to be visiting these spots today. It will be our first time there.

The restaurant in the Red Mangrove Aventura Lodge has a dining deck area on the front – overlooking Academy Bay. Just this morning we saw pelicans, sea lions, a blue footed booby, sally lightfoot crabs, and marine iguanas.

For the past hour this sea lion has been sleeping/sunning on the Hobiecat sailing craft. With the lapping of the waves, birds singing and the hot sun – this place really is a paradise.


The breakfast buffet is a highlight for me. Nothing quite like a full breakfast of meat, cheese and eggs to start the day. Of course it also comes with bread, fruit and good coffee too.

A good breakfast buffet is great after a morning run to Tortuga Bay.


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One Response to Breakfast in Galapagos – Starting the Day at Aventura Lodge on Santa Cruz

  1. Rickandlisa says:

    It’s to bad you had to return to the Galapagos. Same ole, same ole.  lol   I still think Rick and I could have done a report from a fresh prospective.  Can you tell I’m just jealous. :)   Anyway, looking forward to your future pics and posts from your trip.  Have fun and give Drew a hug from us.

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