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Dolphins are just about every kids favorite animal – at least for a time. The thought of swimming with them thrills even many adults. While swimming with the dolphins are limited to created encounters at zoos and marine theme parks, you can still enjoy them in the wild here in the Galapagos.

This playful coloring page will surely be a favorite with young children. Print it off and email the link to your friends and family. What a great way to start learning about Galapagos animals!

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Dolphins in the Galapagos Coloring Sheet
Dolphins in the Galapagos Coloring Sheet
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Text from the Coloring Page:

Hi we are Dolphins that live in the waters around the Galapagos Islands. We love to play, just like you! But we don’t have hands so we have to throw things around with our mouths, it’s a lot of fun. Can you guess what we are playing with here? Yes, it’s seaweed. We also like to race along with boats. Maybe you’ll see us when you come visit the Galapagos.

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