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We are thrilled to announce that we have purchased a large piece of land – not far from our Aventura Lodge on Santa Cruz Island – to be Galapagos’ First Tortoise Reserve.

While there are a number of other Tortoise Farms and Ranches we will be the first Tortoise Reserve (or Reserva de Tortugas) in the Galapagos. What will make it different is that we won’t be developing the area with buildings and gift stores. Washroom facilities and a covered area (to get out of the rain) are the only development that we will have. The trails will not be made with wood or gravel – just cut grass. This approach will produce the smallest impact possible.

Visitors to the Tortoise Reserve will be limited to guests visiting our Red Mangrove Lodge – it will not open to other tour groups.

This reduced traffic and development will limit any impact on the tortoises and their environment. Conservation is our top priority and we see this as a necessary step for the preservation of the threatened Galapagos giant tortoise.

We are looking at a completion date of April/May of this year. Stay tuned for more developments.





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