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When planing a trip to the Galapagos Islands one of the first concerns is where to stay: hotel, hostel or cruise ship?

There are many things to coordinate when arranging a trip to the Galapagos; lodging, excursions, transportation, meals and naturalist guidesChoosing an all inclusive package makes things easier especially if you don’t speak Spanish. 

Red Mangrove offers all inclusive packages. They are land based and family friendly. Many of the staff members speak English which makes planning and exploring much easier.

Red Mangrove Galapagos Hotels

Red Mangrove has hotels on three of the Galapagos Islands:

With locations on three different islands, exploring is made easy because you have a home base on each island.

Room at Red Mangroves Diver Lodge

Room with balcony at Red Mangroves Diver Lodge on Santa Cruz Island

The Divers Lodge on Santa Cruz Island is right next to the Red Mangrove dive center. They offer diving lessons and have a decompression chamber. The Aventura Lodge is on the water. Sea lions, sally light food crabs and marine iguanas are regular guests on their back deck.


On Floreana the cozy cabins are right on the beach. On Isabela the Isabela Lodge and Divers Lodge  are on the beach as well, a white sand beach. Right in front of the Red Mangrove Lodge on Floreana you can take in the sunset, and on Isabela you can enjoy snorkeling and swimming.


Comfort and Convenience

Red Mangrove takes care of everything so you can fully enjoy exploring and relaxing. Staying with the same company the entire time ensures that you know what to expect in terms of service and comfort.

Red Mangrove offers healthy delicious food as well. Most of the meals are buffet style, excellent for a family with varying appetites. All of the exploring you will be doing will work up a big appetite and the buffet works well to satisfy that hunger. 


All of the Red Mangrove Lodges are family friendly. Families enjoy a land based tour because after exploring they can walk on the beach together, explore the town, or do a little shopping. Children especially enjoy the animals on the deck at Aventura lodge.


Have you stayed with Red Mangrove in the Galapagos? Please tell us about it by commenting on this post.

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