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los-tuneles-galapagosLos Tuneles is an area of naturally occurring underwater stone tunnels.

The tunnels are the remainder of lava tubes and make the landscape look like something out of a different world.

Sea Turtles Everywhere

It took about an hour by boat from Isabela to get to Los Tuneles. Along the way we saw so many sea turtles I could hardly believe it. We were there in April and it was mating season so they were everywhere.

Seeing the turtles mating in the open water made it easy to understand why the female is so much larger than the male. If it were the other way round the female would drown while mating because the male takes a ride on her back.


Getting To Los Tuneles

Los Tuneles is close to shore so we had to fight the breakers to get to it. Special skill is required to maneuver the waves so not many boats can visit the area. Going from the open ocean through the breakers into the calm waters of Los Tuneles was an adventure in itself.

The water was amazing! It was so calm and clear. The clear blue water really added to the tunnels because many of them are only partially submerged. We could see the arch above the water and we could see the rest of the tunnel under the water through to the other side.

The water was shallow so it took time and skill to weave the boat through the maze of tunnels. Being able to see the seafloor from the boat really added to the experience because we could see the rocks we were narrowly avoiding and all of the sea life. We saw lots of different kinds of fish, rays and sea turtles.


Walking On A Natural Bridge

I had never seen anything like Los Tuneles. It felt a little like we were in one of those fancy aquariums with the miniature toy tunnels. There were tunnels all over the place!




We saw blue footed boobies and other sea birds sitting on the arches. I’m sure they felt quite safe sitting on those arches out in the middle of the calm waters. But I’m not so sure they knew how beautiful they looked and how thrilled we were to see them in such an amazing place.

At one point we got out of the boat and went for a little walk. The naturalist guide told us about how the tunnels were formed and the animals we were seeing. We were thrilled to see three sea turtles swimming through a couple of tunnels nearby. There were two large females and one male. We got a good look at them because the water was so clear.

We saw some blue footed boobies not far away so as the guide was talking about them he took us a little closer to get a better look . On the way we walked across one of the arches of a large tunnel. Stepping out onto it was a neat feeling. There is a first time for everything and this was definitely our first time walking on a naturally formed lava bridge!

I think Los Tuneles may be a playground of sorts for marine life. It would be pretty fun to zoom in and around those tunnels. I know we had fun exploring them.

Have you been to Los Tuneles? Please tell us about it by commenting on this post.

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