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The Mola Mola is one of the rarer marine animals to see in the Galapagos. These videos were taken by Red Mangrove Dive Mastermola-mola-hd-galapagos-video, Rafael Gallardo. Check out some of the still photos from the dive. And this post has picture from one of the first sightings this year.

Some visitors come to the Galapagos hoping to see this very large and unusual animal – and many leave disappointed. The Galapagos Islands are wild – they aren’t like a zoo or a farm where the animals are caged and waiting for you to walk by. The animals here move and feed on their own schedule – one that doesn’t always match up with ours.

This make a sighting like this so much more exciting.

Sighting of the Mola Mola in Galapagos Island: Part 1

Sighting of the Mola Mola in Galapagos Island: Part 2

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