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On a recent trip to the Charles Darwin Research Center, one of our sales staff took this photo of a young tortoise held above a tortoise egg. Both the Galapagos Tortoise and the egg are being held by one of the naturalists working at the Center.

Baby tortoises hatch after anywhere from four to eight months in the egg. They are extremely small and vunerable when they first hatch, weighing as little as 50 grams (1.8 oz) and measuring 6 centimetres (2.4 in).

A visit to the Center will give you the opportunity to see tortoises at all stages of growth – from unhatched eggs to full-grown adults.

Baby Galapagos Tortoise and Egg

Galapagos Tortoise and Egg

Galapagos Tortoise and Egg

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2 Responses to Newly Hatched Baby Galapagos Tortoise

  1. Brenda A says:

    The Research Centre would be a place I would love to see, experience and learn from. My teeth ache from the sweetness of that baby tortoise.

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