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La Loberia – the sea lion nursery on Floreana Island – is one of our favorite places in the Galapagos. It is the first time we every snorkeled with sea lion.

We shot this photo on our way to La Loberia.

The colors of the path, ocean and sky speak for themselves. Our guide told us that the green/red plants actually change color as the sun rises – due to the heat from the sun.

Path to La Loberia, Floreana Island


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2 Responses to Path to La Loberia on Floreana Island

  1. carey harben says:

    My husband and I are looking for an extended winter retreat
    Feb – Mar
    to a wild and beautiful natural environment but also cultural where we can immerse ourselves and our 8 year old son in a new culture and setting.

    If you ahve any ideas or resources please feel free to share. thank you

    • Lisa Chow says:


      The Galapagos would be a fantastic family retreat. I went there with my parents, stayed at Red Mangrove lodges, and we all absolutely loved it. You could easily spend a week or two there, and extend the winter retreat by seeing the Amazon jungle in mainland Ecuador, Quito, Cuenca, etc.


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