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In the Galapagos Islands (which are on the equator) the sun can be very harsh, especially at midday. It tends to wash out landscape photos.

Making use of a small add-on, called a polarizing filter will improve your photos dramatically. Note: you will need a dSLR camera to use a polarizing camera.

As an example, we took a photo at Las Grietas. It was just before noon on the same day (see image below the video). The difference is huge: better color saturation and less (almost no) reflection. Check the video for more information.

Why Use a Polarizing Filter? Take Better Vacation Photos

Las Grietas: With and Without a Polarizing Filter


Polarizing Filter Before and After: Las Grietas


Variety of Filters, including UV and Polarizing

Image of filters courtesy of Ashley Mark Pomeroy

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2 Responses to Photo Tip: Why Use a Polarizing Filter? (Video)

  1. Jeff and Shall B. says:

    Thanks for the great tip, we recently started looking into filters, loved seeing the difference of with and without. Thanks again!

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