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We are thrilled to be launching the Red Mangrove Travel Blog today, August 22, 2011.

What Will the Red Mangrove Travel Blog Cover?


The Red Mangrove Travel Blog will cover all things Galapagos. Through pictures, HD video and our Galapagos experiences you will get a true feel for what the Galapagos is all about.  You’ll learn about the animals, plants, things to do, places to see, climate, conservation, geography, people and way of life on these unique Islands.

Here are some great features to watch for as the blog grows:

  • Weekly Photos
  • HD Animal Videos
  • Interviews with Naturalist Guides and Red Mangrove Tour Escorts
  • Packing, Travel and Photography tips.
  • Printable coloring pages (PDF files).


Along with Bryan and I, company founder Hernan Rodas will also be contributing posts and sharing his extensive experience about the Islands.

We invite you to: comment, ask questions and share your Galapagos travel plans.  Let us know what you would like to see covered in future posts.  If you have an idea or question, please send it now via the contact us form.

Thanks for being part of this blog.  Please get involved by commenting on individual posts, also on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.


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