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On the boat ride to Playa Escondida (a hidden beach not far from Academy Bay,Santa Cruz Island) we were joined by some really curious sea birds.

They flew out to the boat and followed along with us, gliding, fluttering, rising and falling just above our heads. It was kind of a surreal feeling. The boat was flying across the water lunging up and down on the waves, the sun was bright, the wind warm and here were these birds, just playing with us.

As they circled around us we held up our hands which made them come down even closer. I think they may have been thinking that we were doing a little fishing and wouldn’t mind sharing some of what we had with them. They may have been disappointed, but we certainly weren’t. Interacting with the birds like that really added to our adventure!


We shot a video, but because of the moving boat it would be enough to make even the most weathered sailor feel a little queasy.

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