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The Traveler: Jeanne Munesato

What’s Your Story?

I am a mother of two from California.  I came to Ecuador for the first time to visit my daughter Lisa who is living in Cuenca, Ecuador, and we made a trip to the Galapagos. I have travelled around the US, Canada, Costa Rica, and Japan, but this was my first time to Ecuador, and even my first time to South America. I work professionally as a physical therapist, and my favorite hobby is swimming.

At Tintoreras Bay in Isabela Island

At Tintoreras Bay in Isabela Island

My Galapagos Trip

We spent 6 daysin the Galapagos. We took the Darwin’s Footprints Tour, visiting Santa Cruz and Isabela Islands. We also added an extra day in Santa Cruz and had a great time exploring the swimming hole at Las Grietas and visiting the town of Puerto Ayora.

Swimming in Las Grietas - a natural swimming hole between two cliffs

Swimming in a natural swimming hole between two cliffs

My Thoughts on the Galapagos

When visiting the Galápagos Islands for the first time, I felt truly in awe of the unique  beauty of the islands and its unique wildlife. The Galapagos Islands seemed to have their own language – the language of nature that can be understood by all travelers that take the time to learn it.

The language of nature was all around….the  gently lapping ocean waves were welcoming travelers from a long journey. The chirping finches greeted us from the mangrove trees. The tiny iguanas extended their bodies in a defensive posture to tell us to stay away. Sea lions barking on the beach proudly announced their territory. Giant tortoises impressed me with their wisdom without saying a word.

After listening to the language of nature during my tour, I felt a great respect for the endemic wildlife and nature and the need to preserve the unique, beautiful Galapagos islands.

My favorite excursion was the surreal landscape of Tintoreras Bay. The lava formations covered by lichens and alga were unlike anything I’ve seen, and the snorkeling around the bay was a blast!

One travel tip: Budget an entire day for travelling to and from the Galapagos.It is a very long journey with many legs, but well worth it.

We went to the crater of Sierra Negra Volcano

We went to the crater of Sierra Negra Volcano

My Favorite Galapagos Photo

A baby sea lion!

A baby sea lion!

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