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While visiting Campo Duro on Isabela Island, we noticed this little finch climbing inside of the cactus and having a bath. Dena snapped these couple of shots. It seems that the cactus collected rain water and the bird took advantage of it.

Check out the last picture in the post, to see what the plant looked like. The plant stood about six feet tall. There were egg shells put on the ends of each of the spines – but I’m not sure why. Is it for safety or style? If you know, please share it in the comments.

Campo Duro is a farm near the Sierra Negra V0lcano on Isabela Island. After hiking the volcano we stopped by there for lunch. There are tons of different fruit trees and even a field full of giant tortoises. More on that later.




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3 Responses to Weekly Photo – Cactus Birdbath at Campo Duro

  1. Anonymous says:

    Eggshells on agave? Must be safety, but it could be an odd sense of style.  Definitely fun to look at.

  2. Agent N says:

    In Goa, where I come from, folks put these egg shell helmets of plants. On inquiring why, I was told it keeps away plant destroying insects, worms, fungus etc. Figure that!

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