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Hammerhead sharks are one of the more unusual looking marine animals that you can see in the Galapagos Marine Park. In this great photo by Rafael, our Dive Instructor, he captured a pod (or school) of hammerhead sharks. I counted at least 10. How many do you see?

This is a high resolution photo (3648 px X 2736px). To enlarge, click once, then click again. It will open up full size.


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3 Responses to Weekly Photo – Count the Hammerhead Sharks

  1. Marcey Saunders says:

    Great pic Rafael!

  2. Marcey Saunders says:

    Great pic Rafael! Brings back some fun memories of our family trip to the Galapagos!

  3. […] wildly. I look in the direction he is pointing and within 25 feet of us, there are three  hammerhead sharks cruising along beside […]

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