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One of our favorite places on Santa Cruz Island is Tortuga Bay. The hike is on a very well built trail of lava rock. And while there isn’t many of the typical Galapagos animals (blue footed boobies, sea lions and giant tortoises) there is lots of animal life.

There are a number of varieties of lava lizards and a dozen different bird species that we see each time we go.

In this photo, this confident little lava lizard continued to pose as I took a series of shots. He isn’t nearly as large as he looks – he might have been 4 inches long, if that. When you go to Tortuga Bay, keep your camera out – you’ll hundreds of these little lizards but only a couple will pose for you.


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One Response to Weekly Photo – Curious Lava Lizard on Tortuga Bay Hike

  1. Eric lutz says:

    I know3 exactly what the little guy was thinking. Listen : stop a for a minute and consider your life. then think about mine, now I ask you: “who is the smart one?”      Eric.

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