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Pelicans don’t usually get much attention. Despite their unique look, they are kind of the ugly ducklings of the bird community. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen an impressive picture of a pelican – until this one.

This picture was taken by a Red Mangrove Tour Leader on a recent excursion. What do you think? Are pelicans impressive or boring?



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2 Responses to Weekly Photo – Gliding Pelican

  1. Sita Laura says:

    There is nothing boring about pelicans!! I often paint them, they are such unique, ancient birds. They nest in the most unlikely places, dive like bombers for their food, look unlikely as far as graceful goes, but have the most magnificent manuevers in the air.  There is nothing las impressive as a “pelican squadron’ making it’s way to roost at night, I’ve counted as many as a hundred in syncopated flight together.

  2. JimC says:

    We used to watch the pelicans in South Carolina and enjoy a good laugh at how they seem to literally fall from the sky with no apparent control to easily catch a fish. They are a beautiful and graceful creation for sure….no, not boring in the slightest.

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