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So you probably haven’t seen this souvenir before (unless you’ve already been to the Galapagos). The “I Love Boobies” printed shirts (and hats and mugs, etc) always make new visitors laugh when they first see them. Most of the souvenir shops sell this print – you’ll see it everywhere in the Islands.

While you won’t see me in one of these, the “I Love Boobies” series has become the souvenir to go home with. You can buy this design on all the standard tourist stuff.

Confused? The I Love Boobies is in reference to the famous Blue Footed Boobies (and their lesser known cousins), Red Footed Boobies and the Nazca Booby. After all, who doesn’t love them?

“I Love Boobies” Galapagos Souvenir


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