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Sally Lightfoot Crabs are a daily feature in the Galapagos. If you are near the coast, you should see them – probably hundreds of them. They move differently than crabs we are used to in Canada. Maybe the cold water affects them differently but crabs in Canada are very slow compared to these crabs in the Galapagos.

This picture was taken at the Red Mangrove Aventura Lodge on Santa Cruz Island. This crab was  just sitting there – and the sun made for some dramatic shadows.

Have you seen them before? 


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One Response to Weekly Photo – Sally Lightfoot Crab in the Shadows

  1. Gunner Eg says:

    Hay Brian . I knew a good old girl named Sally , as for light feet, that’s another story. we are having Ecuador weather in NS too early. looks like we’re in for a hot summer, food will sky rocket. Hang on to your hats. and pocket books boys. 

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