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Sometimes it is foggy and rainy at Sierra Negra and after a long hike in (sometimes) muddy conditions many hikers will turn around and return. To see the real attraction, you will continue on past Sierra Negra Volcano.

With a little more walking there is an amazing place. It is called Volcan Chico and to see it – you just need to keep walking past the Sierra Negra Caldera. While it might be rainy and overcast at Sierra Negra – it is almost always sunny and hot at Volcan Chico.

Walking on the Moon at Volcan Chico

The landscape at Volcan Chico is probably unlike anything else you’ve ever seen. It looks like the moon landscape – only with oxygen and blue skies. Certainly worth the extra walk to see this place. I’ll bet you can’t make the hike without someone in your group saying: “NASA faked the moon landing”.


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