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In addition to the National Park Entry Fee, you will also have to purchase a Transit Control Card at the Guayaquil airport. While most (if not all) of the other expenses can be included in your tour, you will need to pay this fee yourself.

How Much Does the Transit Control Card Cost?

The cost per card is fixed and is USD$10 per person and is paid in cash.


Be Careful! This Paper Slip is More Than a Souvenir

This card is important. They require this slip of paper for you to leave the Islands. It will be presented along with your photo ID (passport or cedula). It is individually numbered and is printed with your name and id number. As with all government documents in Ecuador, the price of the card is also printed directly on the form.

When Do I Receive the Transit Control Card?

Before you can check in for your flight, you need to purchase your Transit Control Card and then visit the SICGAL inspection point. Any baggage you are going to check is scanned and sometimes inspected by hand to ensure that there are no prohibited items. After it passes, you are directed to check in for your flight. This inspection process is funded in part by the Galapagos National Park Entry Fee.

SICGAL Signage (GYE Airport)

SICGAL Signage (GYE Airport)


SICGAL Inspection Point at the Guayaquil Airport

SICGAL Inspection Point at the Guayaquil Airport

From the Guayaquil Airport you’ll head directly to Baltra Island, landing at Baltra Airport. At Baltra Airport you’ll pay (if you haven’t paid your tour operator yet) the Galapagos National Park Entry Fee.


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