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Not quite sold on making the trip to the Galapagos Islands? Maybe this video will help. The video was filmed by Andre Kuerzdoerfer (Andre’s YouTube Channel) on a recent trip to the Galapagos Islands. Admittedly at just over 12 minutes the video is a little long. But if you love diving or marine life it won’t be too long.

Do you want to go on a Galapagos Dive right now! Play the video and click the “Full Screen” option along the bottom right of the video play. Sit back and enjoy your dive!

What marine animals can you expect to see? Here is what he saw on a recent trip:

  • Sea turtles: throughout the video
  • White Tipped Reef Sharks: 2:40, 3:49, 4:19, 4:44
  • Starfish: 7:18
  • Dolphins: 1:29
  • Rays (various): throughout the video
  • Sea lionsalso throughout the video. There is a nice 2 minute segment from 7:30 to 9:30 of the video.
  • Red-Lipped Batfish (Galapagos Batfish): 5:32, 7:21
  • Galapagos Octopus: 11:20

The absolute abundance of marine animals is outstanding in this video. Check these point to swim along with schools of fish: 0:20, 1:18, 1:53, 6:33

 Galapagos Marine Animals

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