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UPDATE (October 8, 2012): The contest closed today and we announced the winners. Watch the video post to see if you won.

Red Mangrove’s Discover Galapagos Contest

This Columbus Day (October 8th, 2012) Red Mangrove Galapagos Lodges is giving you the chance to Discover Galapagos with a 5 Day Adventure for 2 (plus a couple of other amazing prizes – valued at more than $6000).

520 years ago, Christopher Columbus discovered the new world. Enter the contest today and this Columbus Day you could be the winner of a 5 Day Galapagos Adventure for Two.

Entering the contest is very easy. Just visit this page, enter your name and email address and you are entered. It’s that easy!

Enter Today! (Will take just a minute and it’s free).

How To Win:

  1. Subscribe to our newsletter
  2. Share it with your friends
  3. Repeat Step 2

When you subscribe, you get one entry. The three winners will be randomly chosen from the pool of entries. The first prize goes to the first randomly chose entry and will win the Galapagos Adventure for 2. See prizes and conditions below.

But wait – there’s more! Once you enter, you’ll be given a unique url that you can share with your friends and family. Every time one of them enters the contest – you will receive 10 more entries.

Voting ends at noon (GMT-5) on October 8, 2012. Winners will be announced later that day.

Discover Galapagos Prizes (over $6000 in prizes)

  • First Prize: 5 Day Galapagos Adventure for 2, including Discover Diving Program (a $3756 value)
  • Second Prize: 5 Day Galapagos Adventure for 1, including Discover Diving Program (a $1878 value)
  • Third Prize: PADI Open Water Certification (a $450 value)

Enter Today! (Will take just a minute and it’s free).

Discover Galapagos Contest


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8 Responses to Win a Galapagos Adventure for Two with Red Mangrove Lodges

  1. PV-DJ says:

    really great contest, have entered and am sharing with my gf and friends

  2. Forest says:

    Thanks for all your informative, interesting and ecofriendly comments, Bryan.  It would be great to join the Red Mangrove Galapagos Family, too, and journey to Ecuador and then to the Galapagos Islands.   As a retired university professor, father of three and grandfather of four, I remain an ecopolitical scientist who not only wants to travel globally but communicate through enviromental stories and messages as effectively as you do.  No need for competition in our blogging but rather cooperation on spreading concerns for coastal environments, island mangrove areas, endangered reefs, marine life, and marine pollution occurring world-wide.  Wish you and your family great success living as expats and spokespersons for a greener and bluer planet.



    Forest W. Redding, Jr.

  3. Barb Hanson says:

    This is a great contest. I have entered and am sharing with my sister.

  4. Just subscribed, tweeted and posted to Facebook! I’d love to dive the Galapagos!

  5. LGK says:

    i had entered, I hope i never entered more than once, but anyway, am sharing and good luck thanks Bryan for out stretching your kind Canadian arm, whats with us Canadians, so nice and loving and sharing wow, thanks

  6. Kat says:

    lol, This would be amazing! My anniversary is on Columbus Day! And May is when we are getting married, and it says May is a month this trip would have to be taken in! Crazy, crazy! This would be the ultimate Honeymoon! =D

  7. Fran Yates says:

    How do your friends notify GalapagosTours that I referrred them, thus entitling me to 10 more entries? Also I signed up for the newsletter and still do not have any notice in my email to confirm my registering?
    Fran Yates

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