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10 Fun Spanish Phrases for Your Galápagos Trip

Do you need to learn Spanish before your Galapagos trip? Absolutely not. Red Mangrove’s Galapagos tours all include a bilingual English-Spanish naturalist guide. Other naturalist guides on the island are available who speak French, Italian, German, and Chinese.

But, would it be fun to learn a little Spanish before your trip? Absolutely! Other than the crucial “Donde está el baño?” or “Where is the bathroom”, here are some more fun phrases to learn. You can surprise your guide, the hotel staff, or any of the local Galapagos residents you meet. Have a phrase you’d like translated for your trip? Let us know in comments!

10 Fun Spanish phrases for your Galápagos trip

  1. I swam with sea lions

    Yo nadé con lobos marinos.

  2. I swam with sharks and survived

    Yo nadé con tiburones y sobrevivi

  3. Let’s go! You walk slower than a giant tortoise

    Vámonos! Caminas más despacio que un tortuga gigante.

    Galapagos giant tortoise

    Galapagos giant tortoise

  4. The tortoise is huge

    La tortuga es enorme

  5. Could you take a picture of us please?

    Puede sacar una foto de nosotros por favor?

  6. The biggest lobster please

    El langostino más grande por favorlangostino encocao

  7. A beer please

    Un Pilsner por favor (Pilsner is an Ecuadorian brand of beer common in the Galapagos)

  8. I love the Galapagos Islands

    Me encantan las Islas Galápagos.

  9. What is your favorite animal?

    Que es tu animal favorito?

  10. Your eyes are more blue than a blue-footed booby

    Tus ojos son más azules que un piqueo de pata azul!blue footed booby in Ithabaca channel


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