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A Galapagos Wedding – Bolivar and Monica Get Married in the Galapagos

We had exciting news this month with the wedding of Monica (our hotel manager) and Bolivar (a Galapagos Tour Leader).

A Galapagos Wedding: HD Video

  • The Bride and Groom: Monica Paez and Bolivar Oswaldo Vega Moncayo
  • Wedding Date: January 7th, 2012
  • Time of the ceremony: 3:45
  • Travel time: 30 minutes (by boat, from Aventura Lodge to the beach)
  • Did they travel by boat back to the lodge after the ceremony? Yes
  • Number of guests:  There were about 70 people, most of them from Galapagos and about 15 came from mainland Ecuador.
  • Location: Garrapatero Beach, Santa Cruz Island.

Congratulations Bolivar and Monica!


Bolivar and Monica at the reception following their beach wedding



The bride arrived at the ceremony by boat - and the happy couple left in the wedding boat.


Bolivar and Monica with some of the wedding guests

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