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Hernan Rodas

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Hernan Rodas

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hernan-rodasHernans love of the Galapagos began as a teenager. While many kids run off to the big city, Hernan ran away from Cuenca (in Ecuador’s Andean Mountains) to the Galapagos for a 4 month break from responsibility.

Hernan, along with his wife and their two sons have traveled to many countries including: Hong Kong, Europe, India, Canada, the US, Central and South America and the Caribbean. And after seeing the world, they chose to live in Cuenca, Ecuador.

Hernan is the General Manager of Red Mangrove – a Galapagos hotel and touring company. Red Mangrove has resorts on Santa Cruz, Floreana, San Cristobal and Isabela Islands. They also have a resort on Ruta del Sol – along Ecuadors Pacific Coast. Red Mangrove currently employs more than 100 people. Learn more about Red Mangrove and the Red Mangrove Travel Blog.

Hernan has done business for many years in the United States and speaks English fluently.

After building and selling an agricultural supplies company, Hernan switched focus to his original love: the Galapagos Islands.

Scuba diving, water sports, jogging and traveling with his family are some of the things Hernan enjoys to do.



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