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Are the Galapagos for Kids? Yes!

The Galapagos is an amazing place to travel with children. Our daughter is 10 years old and she loved the adventure.  She really enjoyed being so active; the constant exploration kept her interested and intrigued for the entire trip.   She even started her own blog when we got home.

When we explored the Galapagos with Drew, we discovered amazing things together for the first time.  It was like being in a different kind of zoo, one where there are no walls or fences between us and the animals.



What Our Daughter Loved in the Galapagos

Drew learned so much about the plant and animal life, and how the ecosystem has to be protected in order to keep them out of danger.  Seeing and swimming with the animals in their natural habitat was something completely different than just learning about them in school.  Getting up close with these animals gave her (and us) a new appreciation for them.

She was amazed to discover the miraculous underwater world as she learned to snorkel for the first time on our trip to the Galapagos.  She was mystified by the way the marine iguanas pile on top of each other on the beach, and then snort salty water out of their nostrils all over each other.



She had her own camera and she really put it to good use.  When we got home it was really interesting to compare the different perspective represented by her pictures compared to ours.  In some cases her pictures captured the animals and locations better than ours.  Children often have a way of looking at things that we adults forget as we grow up.  That perspective comes through in their pictures.

Why We Brought Our Daughter to the Galapagos

We really enjoyed the opportunity to help Drew discover the fun that nature has to offer.  This was not a manufactured vacation. Snorkeling with the fish was far more exciting than looking at them through the glass at an aquarium.  Hiking up a dormant Volcano was much more amazing and educational than a roller-coaster ride around a fake one would have been.  And I must admit, to hear her say “remember when we saw . . . hiking up the volcano in Galapagos” sounds pretty amazing.

To see her mind opening and her sense of adventure growing was exciting.  Her snorkeling adventure awakened a love for the underwater world in her that she’s anxious to pursue as soon as possible.

She was more than able to keep up with the rest of the group on the excursions.  And something that I really appreciated was that the naturalist guides and many of the Red Mangrove staff took a special interest in her.  They didn’t mind waiting a little longer for our family while we explored longer, and took more pictures than the rest of the group at almost every stopping point.

The Galapagos really is a wonderful place to explore with children.  We all had a lot of fun, and we feel really enriched by the experience.  Have you been to the Galapagos with your kids? Please share your comments with us.


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