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Red Mangrove Owners Clud

Thinking about visiting the Galapagos? In this post, you’ll learn about the Red Mangrove Owners Club - and how to become an owner of your own Galapagos timeshare on Santa Cruz Island. We have a long history in the Galapagos Islands. Our Lodge on Santa Cruz Island was built in 1995. Since then, we have ... [Read more]

Love cute sea lion videos? (Me too!) Keep reading - and you won't be disappointed. At the Red Mangrove Aventura Lodge you can see them on the seaside deck. The sea lions love to soak up the sun, nurse their young, and cuddle with each other right on the deck. Love ?💙 🌊😉 #robertoochoahe @redmangrovegalapagos @clarklittle @juansharks ... [Read more]

Golf in Quito Ecuador

If you're a golfer, you're going to want to golf in Ecuador. We know how it is. As you travel, you want to play as many courses as possible. It's a combination of passion and bragging rights. Red Mangrove gives you the opportunity, not only to play golf in our beautiful country but, to play ... [Read more]

Discover our new kayaking in Ecuador tours - a perfect extension for your Galapagos trip. Watch on YouTube Red Mangrove knows you love adventure. Kayaking in Ecuador is an unforgettable experience that you can do on your way to the Galapagos. Mainland Ecuador has many great places to kayak. You can have nature encounters in ... [Read more]

Cuenca Ecuador

This city is one of the most beautiful in Ecuador. I love its colonial architecture, its people and its gastronomy. Cuenca is also known for its culture and art. There are many art festivals that take place here. For example, the Orquidea cinema Festival, the Art Bienal, and Escenarios del Mundo theater festival, etc. One ... [Read more]