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About Galapagos Islands

// We were very impressed with our country this month, as Ecuador premiered a 30-second Super Bowl ad. Ecuador became the first foreign government to advertise its tourism in the Superbowl! The slogan and soundtrack to the ad is "All you need is Ecuador!" Other than covering an extremely popular Beatles song, what does the ... [Read more]

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// Survival of the fittest, is a quote you might associate with Charles Darwin, who formulated his theory of evolution during his visit to the Galápagos Islands in 1835. Now almost two centuries later, it was certainly on my mind as we reached the shade of a jaboncillo tree. "We can rest here and turn back, or we ... [Read more]

So you have already decided to visit the Galápagos Islands. First you need to decide whether to book a cruise or a land-based tour. If you want to stay on land, then you need to decide whether to purchase an all-inclusive tour or stay in a hotel and buy tours a'la carte? In this post we lay ... [Read more]

// So you have decided that this is the year you'll visit the Galápagos Islands. You imagine yourself swimming with sea lions, staring at blue-footed boobies, and observing the famous giant tortoises, and you're ready to book a flight. But, the first step to planning your adventure is deciding how you are going to explore the Galápagos Islands. ... [Read more]

// I almost achieved instant infamy. I came within millimeters of stepping on and squishing a marine iguana when I arrived in the Galápagos. Almost, but not quite. I had just arrived at the Red Mangrove Aventura Lodge for the first time. I didn't expect to see wildlife until we started our tour activities, but I ... [Read more]

2015 is around the corner, and it's time to reflect on the past year and think about New Year's resolutions for the next. We have also looked back at the past year of adventures on our travel blog, and would like to share some of the best and most popular articles from 2014. Enjoy and have ... [Read more]

One of the most iconic places in the Galapagos is Kicker Rock. In Spanish it is called "Leon Dormido," or Sleeping Lion, as many would say the dramatic rocks jutting out of the sea resemble a sleeping lion. Do you see the resemblance? A trip to Kicker Rock is an unforgettable part of a Galapagos ... [Read more]


Do you have a bucket-list of places you want to go? Things you want to do? Food you want to eat? I certainly do - I love to travel, and I've been all over the world - 17 countries and counting. The famous Galápagos Islands tops the bucket list of so many people. My theory? ... [Read more]

Calling all Galapagos fans, future tourists, and explorers - the time has come to test your Galapagos knowledge! What do you know about the enchanted isles? What don't you know? Don't forget to post your score in comments! Learn more about Galapagos vacations, diving and mainland Ecuador. Which animal feeds on algae, then expels the ... [Read more]

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Have you imagined yourself enjoying a cold beer after a long day enjoying your Galapagos vacation? Relaxing in a nice comfortable bed? Where did the beer and mattress come from? Hint: there are no beer and mattress factories in the Galapagos. Food, tours, and accommodations all cost twice as much as in mainland Ecuador. This week ... [Read more]