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Galapagos Islands Animals

Love cute sea lion videos? (Me too!) Keep reading - and you won't be disappointed. At the Red Mangrove Aventura Lodge you can see them on the seaside deck. The sea lions love to soak up the sun, nurse their young, and cuddle with each other right on the deck. Love ?💙 🌊😉 #robertoochoahe @redmangrovegalapagos @clarklittle @juansharks ... [Read more]

// Did you know that the Galapagos Islands are home to three unique types of boobies? Blue-footed boobies are perhaps the most famous species, but there is also the beautiful masked Nazca, and red-footed species. They are all thought to have descended from a common ancestor. Who knows? Maybe in another 100,000 years the Galapagos will ... [Read more]

Are you afraid of sharks? The hammerhead shark often inspires spine-tingling fear, and many people think that they are dangerous. Is a hammerhead shark a cold-blooded, perfectly-evolved killing machine? Perhaps, but my first experience with a hammerhead shark was quite different. The Galapagos is famous for snorkeling with different shark species, and having seen many ... [Read more]

It was a beautiful day on Isabela as I rode a bike along the coast away from Puerto Villamil. With a view of the ocean on one side and a salty breeze in the air the miles flew by. In the distance I spotted a dark haze or cloud hovering above the ocean. On such a ... [Read more]

Want to learn about one of the most famous animals in the Galapagos? Check out the fun facts below! If you would like to see Galapagos sea lions in person, check out some great Galapagos vacation and dive options. The males can weigh up to 900 pounds! Don't mess with them. Males can be distinguished from ... [Read more]

If there is one animal that I absolutely adore in the Galápagos, it is the sea lion. The Galápagos sea lion has a more playful friendly demeanor than its California coast cousins. Learn more about Galapagos vacations, diving and mainland Ecuador. If you look a sea lion in the face you might notice they have feline-esque ... [Read more]

The Galápagos Islands are home to some of the strangest creatures on earth. Imagine a cute fluffy little finch ... that wants to suck blood!  The finches have not yet evolved a taste for human blood, but the vampire finch, also known as the sharp-beaked ground finch - is known to drink the blood of Nazca ... [Read more]

Calling all Galapagos fans, future tourists, and explorers - the time has come to test your Galapagos knowledge! What do you know about the enchanted isles? What don't you know? Don't forget to post your score in comments! Learn more about Galapagos vacations, diving and mainland Ecuador. Which animal feeds on algae, then expels the ... [Read more]

One of my favorite things I saw independently on Isabela island Galapagos was Laguna Salinas. I was wandering around Puerto Villamil (the small town on Isabela) after the day's organized activities were over, when I found a lagoon. It was right on the edge of town, within 15 minutes of my hotel (Red Mangrove Isabela ... [Read more]

It was a gorgeous sunny day when we set out for Tintoreras Bay in a tiny panga boat. Our guide Karla advised us to keep our eyes peeled and we would see sea lions, tropical fish, and rays. I was on an island-hopping Galapagos tour, and I'd already seen a couple of small rays at each of the ... [Read more]