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The Day I Discovered Diving in the Galapagos

Drew Haines is a young Canadian expat living in Ecuador. She writes the Galapagos for Kids series on Red Mangrove Blog. Learn about the Galapagos from a kids perspective.

The last time we were in the Galapagos I got to try the Discover Scuba Diving Experience!

I really liked it and here’s why:


  • It was fun and easy.
  • I enjoy doing things that seem hard – because if kids see me doing it maybe they’ll try it too. At first, I found it a bit hard. The main reason was because I was trying to breathe through the regulator – when I wasn’t in the water. But after I got in the water, it worked perfect. So when you breathe through the regulator above the water, remember: it’s easier when you are in the water!!
  • The dive training pool at Red Mangrove Lodge was great for learning how to dive! The pool has 3 levels. I had to stay on the top level because my dad and I had a cold, and when you dive the water pressure can affect your ears. But since my dad and I were still a bit sick, we were all stuffy and our ears hurt too much. As soon as I got down to the 2nd level, I had to go back up. I don’t think it would have been so bad if we weren’t sick.


Three Things That Made Me Feel Safe Were:

  1. the instructor was very calm, kind, helpful, and good with kids
  2. Dad was in the water with me
  3. I could inflate the life jacket at any time to go up, down or in the middle

The fact that the dive instructor was calm and kind made me feel good. I am kind of timid (even though I do like to try new things) so I need someone kind and helpful to get me through it. He also didn’t make me look or feel silly. The instructor that we had was good like that, he made me feel good and encouraged me to do it.

I was surprised at how light all the gear was! Even with the weight belt on, I didn’t feel very heavy. This reassured me, I am nervous in the water. Since I could inflate and deflate my life jacket at will, it made me feel safe. I knew that with the life jacket, I could control how deep I was in the water and that there was a mid-point. I didn’t have to be either all the way up or all the way down.



So, there you have it! I love the discovery diving program at Red Mangrove. I am very glad I did it. I would recommend this program to anyone that really wants to get comfortable in the water.

I hope you will try this great program too!

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About the author: Drew Haines Hi, I’m Drew Haines.

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