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Ecuador Tourism Packages

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Ecuador Tourism

napo ecuador tourism

Watching wildlife in Napo, Amazon

Ecuador is a small country in South America. It is located on the Pacific Coast and shares borders with Columbia (to the north) and Peru (to the south). Ecuador is a Spanish speaking country and uses the US dollar as it’s official currency.

Mainland Ecuador (known as “the continent” by Galapagos inhabitants) is famous for it’s culture and natural attractions.

When arriving in Ecuador, you’ll fly into either Guayaquil or Quito international airports. Both are modern and well run. From either airport, you can catch a national flight to some of the smaller cities, such as Cuenca, Manta, Loja, Latacunga, Portoviejo, or one of two airports in the Galapagos (Baltra and San Cristobal). There is regular bus service to towns and cities around the country. You might also opt for an airport pickup by your hotel or tour operator.

See photos from around Ecuador

Ecuador Tourism Attractions

quito ecuador travel

View of Quito, Ecuador

Mainland Ecuador is divided into three main areas:

  1. Costa: Ecuador’s coastal region is famous for great seafood and beautiful beaches. Significant cities include Guayaquil, Salinas and Manta.
  2. Sierra: Ecuador’s Andes mountains are famous for stable (and cool) temperatures, cloud forests, hot springs and volcanoes. Popular areas include Quito, Cuenca and Loja.
  3. Amazon: Known in Spanish as “el oriente”, Ecuador’s eastern region includes the eastern slopes of the mountains down into the Amazon basin.

Did you know that we offer golf tours in Ecuador

Galapagos is frequently listed as Ecuador’s forth region – located 625 miles (1000 km) off of Ecuador’s coast. Read more about planning your Galapagos Islands vacation.

banana plantation ecuador tourism

Banana Plantation on Ecuador’s Coast

Ecuador Tourism Packages

In addition to the Galapagos, we also travel to each of mainland Ecuador’s primary areas:

  • Quito: Visit traditional markets, tour the city, and see the unique Cuicocha Crater Lake. Visit the famous Avenue of the Volcanoes and Ecuador’s monument to the equator.
  • Guayaquil: Tour the scenic Guayas River, cacao and banana plantations, a number of parks and Salinas Beach.
  • Cuenca: Take a city tour, visit Inca ruins and traditional markets. Go horseback riding, hike a waterfall and learn how to milk a cow.
  • Amazon: Go canoeing though rivers in the Amazon basin, hike the rain forest and zip-line the canopy.

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Quito, Ecuador Tourism Packages

quito ecuador tourism

View of Quito, Ecuador

The city of Quito is located in the north of Ecuador and is home to a new international airport. Choose from a number of tours based in and around Quito, Ecuador:

Cuicocha Lake Ecuador Tourism

Cuicocha Lake, Near Quito Ecuador

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Guayaquil, Ecuador Tourism Packages

guayaquil ecuador tourism

Malecon 2000, Guayaquil, Ecuador

Guayaquil is Ecuador’s largest city and home to an international airport. Its location on the coast makes it hot and tropical. Nearby, you’ll find many beautiful beaches.

guayaquil, ecuador tourism

Historical Park, Guayaquil, Ecuador

Guayaquil, Ecuador

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Cuenca, Ecuador Tourism Packages

cuenca ecuador tourism

View of Cuenca, Ecuador from Turi

cuenca ecuador tourism

Iconic view of downtown Cuenca, Ecuador

The city of Cuenca is located in the southern sierra region of Ecuador. It is known for its year-round spring-like climate.

ingapirca ecuador tourism

Ingapirca Ruins, near Cuenca Ecuador

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Amazon, Ecuador Tourism Packages

Lagartococha Lake Ecuador tourism

Lagartococha Lake, Amazon Basin, Ecuador

Ecuador’s Amazon Basin is full of unique life and landscapes. We offer two tours that take you through some of the most beautiful sections. Both tours begin and end in Quito.

amazon tours

Canoeing Ecuador’s Amazon Basin

parrot amazon ecuador travel

Parrot clay lick

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Read about all our Ecuador and Galapagos Islands Tours. Start planning your Galapagos Islands vacation now.