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Galapagos Jewelry: A Treasure Chest on Santa Cruz Island

One of my favorite souvenirs from a special trip is a piece of jewelry. So when were visiting the Galapagos I was on the hunt.

On a trip to Aruba I found a turquoise ring that I love. It’s a constant reminder of our trip to Aruba because it’s the color of the water there. I was looking for something similar that would remind me of our adventures in the Galapagos. We had a little extra time before supper one evening so we headed into town (Puerto Ayora) to see what we could find.

There are a lot of nice little shops to look around in, one of my favorites is Galapagos Jewelry. They have two locations in Puerto Ayora, so they are easy to find. The shops are laid out really well and the jewelry is easy to see.


Galapagos Jewelry Store located downtown Puerto Ayora


Galapagos Jewelry Store located just two blocks from the Aventura Lodge in Puerto Ayora

One of the things I really liked about Galapagos Jewelry is the large selection of pieces crafted after Galapagos animals. I saw sea lions, frigate birds, blue footed boobies, hammerhead sharks, giant tortoises, sea turtles, star fish and many more. And all as earrings, pendents, bracelets and rings. It was a little hard to pick.




Silver sea turtle jewelry – in earrings, pendants, broaches and rings

Everything Galapagos in silver, including the boobies blue feet

Most of the jewelry is silver, but there is a nice selection of gold as well. I wanted something in silver and I was very happy to see that the prices were very reasonable. After looking over everything a few times I chose a silver sea turtle pendant. The front and back legs move independently which makes the pendant even more unique.

I’m really happy with my “little piece of Galapagos.” My daughter also picked out something from Galapagos Jewelry, a silver hammerhead pendant and earrings set.

We saw some higher priced items in the shop as well. There was a beautiful diamond engagement ring, and some wedding bands in the main display case. The Galapagos would make a very unique place for the purchase of such special items! There were also some pieces with gemstones.

At the store nearest Aventura Lodge, we met Elmer Quintero who, along with his brother Christian and sister Rocio, operates Galapagos Jewelry. They currently have stores on Santa Cruz Island, Quito, Guayaquil and Cuenca – and sell internationally via their online store.


Elmer Quintero, one of three Quintero children operating Galapagos Jewelry

About the author: Dena Haines Hi, I’m Dena Haines! I’m an traveler, photographer and Canadian entrepreneur. I’m a partner at Storyteller Media, a content marketing company for Canadian travel brands. I am co-founder of Click Like This a photo tutorial blog.

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  • Nicole August 25, 2012, 5:16 PM

    Love their jewellery! I was just in Galapagos last week (back home in Toronto now :(……..and I never came across any of their stores! I am definitely going to check them out online…thank you!


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