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Galapagos Lodging: All-Inclusive Adventure

Santa Cruz Island Lodge

Aventura Lodge is on the water and is surrounded by wildlife. You can expect to see sea lions, marine iguanas, herons, sally lightfoot crabs and more – all while enjoying your breakfast on the deck.

Take a virtual tour of Aventura Lodge and all our rooms.

Aventura Lodge

 Galapagos Islands dining

Built in 1995, Aventura Lodge has unique architectural design which blends with the mangrove forest and shoreline. Its location allows you to observe the mangrove ecosystem in action as well as the best view of Puerto Ayora’s bay. See more about the Red Mangrove Aventura Lodge

Aventura Galapagos Lodge Gallery

galapagos sea lions
galapagos land based

Aventura Lodge Photos

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Red Mangrove’s Aventura Lodge on Santa Cruz Island

aventura lodge

The Restaurant at Aventura Lodge

aventura Galapagos restaurant

Standard Room at Aventura Lodge

Red Mangrove Standard Room

View of Aventura Lodge From the Water

Red Mangrove Galapagos Lodge

View from the Deck at an Aventura Lodge Suite

Puerto Ayora Hotel

Galapagos Sea Lions at Aventura Lodge on Santa Cruz

Galapagos Sea Lion Area Santa Cruz

Lobby at Aventura Lodge, Galapagos

Galapagos Hotel All-inclusive

View of Aventura Lodge in the Evening

Galapagos All-inclusive

Aventura Lodge Suite

Aventura Lodge Suite Oceanview

Suite at Red Mangrove Hotel

Aventura Lodge Suite

Restaurant at Red Mangrove’s Galapagos Lodge on Santa Cruz

Aventura Lodge Restaurant

Galapagos Suite on Santa Cruz Island

Aventura Lodge Galapagos suite

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Learn about what’s included in your Galapagos all-inclusive adventure. Take a virtual tour of Aventura Lodge and all our rooms.

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