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Galapagos Travel Story: Danette and Amy (Contest Winners)

This traveler profile is part of our Galapagos Travel Story series. Have you been to the Galapagos? 

The Travelers: Danette and Amy

Galapagos Travel Story, Danette Wilson

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What’s Your Story?

Originally raised in Mexico, I now live in New York City with my spouse Amy (born and raised New Yorker). We love traveling and have been to Canada, most Caribbean islands, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, as well as traveled extensively in the US. We have also been to France, Spain and Italy.

Most of the time Amy and I travel alone, but my mother and youngest sister joined us for our trips to Spain and Italy. I usually plan all our trips and love researching travel ideas.

Because both Amy and I have fairly intense jobs, we try to book 2-3 vacations a year, with one year doing inexpensive vacations and the next year a bit of a splurge.

Interestingly, I found Red Mangrove Adventures in 2011, while researching a splurge vacation for 2012, and signed up for the newsletter (and entered the 180th Anniversary of Galapagos Belonging to Ecuador Contest). In February the contest announced I had won a Galapagos Adventure for Two!

My Galapagos Trip

Read our TripAdvisor Review.

The trip we won was for Darwin’s Triangle Short (5 days/4 nights) and we added 1 extra night in Isabela.We visited Santa Cruz, Floreana, Las Tintoreras and of course Isabela.

We have never looked forward to a trip as our trip to the Galapagos Islands and we were delighted to arrive at the Baltra and immediately be whisked to the Red Mangrove Aventura Lodge in Puerto Ayora. We were intrigued by the idea of island hopping rather than cruise ships and were so glad that this amazing trip started by staying at such a comfortable place.

We loved the food served at Red Mangrove Aventura’s restaurant and sushi bar. It was delightful to start your day with a great view into the sea, savoring a hearty breakfast, while sea lions nap by your table and iguanas pass by as if they were in their own house. So cool!

All the staff at the Red Mangrove lodges were always helpful, polite and very friendly, and this is a perfect complement to the great infrastructure, views, surroundings and food.

What I Loved About My Galapagos Trip

Hands down our favorite experience was swimming with the sea lions! They were so playful and curious … even blew bubbles at us. But the Blue Footed Boobies and the penguins were also really cool.

Galapagos Sea Lions We Saw On Our Trip

Galapagos Sea Lions We Saw On Our Trip

We loved the cabins and the quiet of Floreana, with it’s exotic black sand beach and beautiful sunset. The night sky in Floreana was spectacular and we made good use of a fellow traveler’s constellation app. Then there was the peaceful, beautiful beach in Isabela, where we spent two evenings relaxing in the beachfront patio after our daily adventures. The Aventura Lodge is luxurious and beautiful and our room had a great balcony to enjoy the evening view of Puerto Ayora.

My Galapagos Travel Tip

The one travel tip I would share is to dare yourself to be adventurous and try everything the Galapagos has to offer.

Thank you for such an amazing adventure! We will definitely be back!

Galapagos Travel Story, Danette Wilson

Galapagos Travel Story, Danette Wilson

Watch Danette win the prize in the drawing filmed live:

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