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Galapagos Travel Story: Zara and Ashray, Full Time Travelers (Video)

This traveler profile is part of our Galapagos Travel Story series. Have you been to the Galapagos? 

The Travelers: Zara Quiroga and Ashray

Ashray-Zara-Quiroga-Galapagos-Profile-PhotoWhat is your blog url?

Facebook: piggybackrideAZ
Twitter: @piggybackrideAZ

What’s Your Story?

We’re Ashray and Zara, an Indian boy and a Portuguese girl who started traveling full-time in September 2011.

Since then, we’ve been touring Latin America, having started in Mexico, passing by Cuba, Costa Rica, Brazil and most recently spending almost 2 month in this amazing country that is Ecuador.

We travel full-time but it’s not an activity for our pleasure alone! We have a travel website where we share inspiring stories, photography and videos of beautiful places, including tips, reviews and all sorts of content related to the world of traveling.

My Galapagos Trip

Galapagos Islands has been one of the trips we’ve been looking forward to the most, ever since we left our home in Dubai. Having arrived right to RedMangrove in Puerto Ayora, the WOW factor of staying at the magical islands could only increase!

We decided to do island hopping rather than cruise ships and so glad we opted by staying at such a confortable place. We did take day trips, including Floreana Island (beautiful black sand beach!), Isabela Island and other attractions in Puerto Ayora, such as Tortuga Bay, Station Bay and Charles Darwin Station – in fact, the latest 2 are 10 and 5 minutes away from the RedMangrove respectively.

You can even borrow a bicycle for free from the hotel and head to this sites on 2 wheels!

We are in love with the food served at RedMangrove’s restaurant and sushi bar. Breakfast included a lot of yummy options and what’s even better: you can start your day with a great view into the sea, savoring a heaty breakfast, while sea lions nap by your table and iguanas pass by as if they were in their own house. You don’t get such a cool morning in many places in this world…

The staff at the RedMangrove is lovely: they were always helpful, polite and very friendly, and this is a perfect complement to the great infrastructure, views, surroundings and food served at this hotel!


What I Loved About My Galapagos Trip

Our favorite part of the entire Galapagos trip was observing and interacting with sea lions! They are such cute creatures and, although we didn’t want to bother them, in one occasion we got “sniffed” by one of them in a playful way! We’ve been friends ever since…

I will keep in my memory those moments spent at RedMangrove’s porch with the blue sea as a background, sipping mangrove iced tea after a day out in the heat and watching two sea lions napping next to each other, like lovers.


About the author: Bryan Haines Hi, I’m Bryan Haines! I’m a traveler, photographer and Canadian entrepreneur. I’m a partner at Storyteller Media, a content marketing company for travel brands. I am co-founder of Click Like This a photo tutorial blog.

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