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Guayaquil & Beach (6 Days)

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On this tour, you’ll visit Guayaquil (Ecuador’s largest city) and Salinas (one of the best beach areas in the country). In Guayaquil, you’ll visit Centennial and Iguana Parks. You’ll also visit Civic Plaza, Malecon 2000 and the Guayaquil Historic Park. We also include a yacht tour of Guayas River and some shopping in the city. On our trip out of the city, we’ll visit a cacao and banana plantation, have lunch at a local hacienda (farm) and visit Salinas, a coastal city. The next day we spend at the beach.

This tour is similar to the Guayaquil: The Jewel of the Pacific tour – but also visits Salinas (beaches) and includes a shopping excursion.

Guayaquil & Beach (6 Days)

guayaquil-geografiaDay 1: Arrival in Guayaquil

Transfer in to Oro Verde Hotel or similar.

At night we will take you on a yacht tour of the Guayas River, where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city at night.

After dinner, transfer to the hotel.


Day 2: Guayaquil Full City Tour

Breakfast at the hotel.

Parque CentenarioStart your Guayaquil tour with Centennial Park on 9 of October Avenue. Continue along this avenue to see how the city has been renovated, past the first fire station, the Masonic temple and some buildings from the early 20th century.

Across from the Cathedral, you can go into Seminario Park, also known as Iguana Park, which is famous for its iguanas lounging in the sunshine.

Our next stop will be Malecon 2000, to visit Integration Plaza and the artisan market. We’ll also visit the Union Club and the first fort in Guayaquil, where a statue of Jose Joaquin de Olmedo (first mayor of Guayaquil) stands in front of the Guayas River.

The tour continues along Malecon Simon Bolivar to our next stop: Civic Plaza, where you can visit the Moorish Tower, City Hall and the Rotonda monument.

We’ll continue by car to Las Peñas, the old neighborhood where the city was born, located at the foot of Santa Ana Hill. Lunch will be served at a local restaurant.


After lunch, we continue to Guayaquil’s Historical Park, a project aimed at recapturing the culture and traditions of the coastal area. The park has three areas: the wildlife area that is home to animals such as deer, tapirs, monkeys and wild cats; the urban zone that offers a reconstruction of life in Guayaquil during the 19th and early 20th centuries; and the traditional area that features gardens, a farmhouse, a handicraft center and rural architecture.

Transfer to the hotel

Day 3: The Countryside Farms & Beaches 

Breakfast at the hotel

Learn more about cacao that has been produced in Ecuador for more than 400 years. The cocoa bean continues to influence the lifestyle of thousands of Ecuadorians.

We will travel through the countryside of the coastal region, discovering the secrets of cacao and banana plantations, from the harvest to the exportation process.


We will stop for a country style lunch, where you can taste the typical food of the region. Additional activities such as horseback riding are available at the haciendas.

After lunch we wil take a 2 hour drive to reach the city of Salinas.

Day 4: Beach Day in Salinas

Breakfast at the hotel.

Enjoy yourself and relax at the beach, lunch at a local restaurant.


A brief visit to Punta Carnero and Anconcito where you will observe birds and pink flamingos.

Return to the hotel.

Day 5: Back to Guayaquil

Breakfast at the hotel

Back to Guayaquil, shopping with lunch included.

Back to the Hotel

Day 6: To Guayaquil Airport

Breakfast at the hotel.

Travel to your next travel segment (Galapagos, Cuenca, Quito or Amazon) or take your return flight home.

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