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Premium Diving Tour (3 Days)

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The perfect tour for those coming off (or going on) a cruise ship!

On this tour, you’ll also visit the Santa Cruz Highlands. You’ll hike to Los Gemelos (a pair of collapsed lava chambers), observe giant tortoises in the wild, and walk though underground lava tunnels. On day two, after your dive, you’ll enjoy a guided tour of the Charles Darwin Research Station.

You can also enjoy a morning of scuba diving. If you are not certified, we’ll take you on a recreational Discovery scuba dive. Learn about PADI certification and get the very most out of your Galapagos tour!

Premium Diving Tour (3 Days)

Day 1: Santa Cruz

Luncha and Dinner

Morning: Arrive at Aventura Lodge and do a quick check-in while you enjoy welcome drinks.

Galapagos Hotel All-inclusive

Enjoy lunch “a la carte” in our waterfront Red Mangrove Restaurant.

Afternoon: This afternoon the adventure starts with a trip to Los Gemelos (The Twins), two enormous collapsed lava chambers. These are a wonderful introduction to the majestic power of the forces of nature and the great biodiversity of the Santa Cruz Highlands.

On this short, easy hike to each of the twins you’ll see many endemic flora and fauna, including a remnant of a Scalesia Forest, draped in liverwort, lichens and mosses, where it’s easy to spot some Darwin finches and perhaps the short eared owls.

After Los Gemelos, a short bus ride will take you to a 600-acre private reserve where the giant Galapagos tortoises freely roam, graze, and sleep. It can be a bit muddy here, so we provide a selection of rubber field boots (Wellington boots), including large sizes for men.

giant galapagos tortoise

Walking among the tortoises in the wild may be one of the most treasured moments of your trip.

Overnight at Aventura Lodge.

Day 2: Santa Cruz

Morning: After breakfast we will take you to a open water dive, where you will enjoy the fantastic scenery of the underwater world with high opportunities to see hammerheads sharks, manta rays, eagle rays and more. An absolute highlight of the Galápagos trip!

galapagos diving

Lunch “a la carte” in our waterfront Red Mangrove Restaurant, well recognized by the quality and exquisite flavors of our menu.

Afternoon: After lunch, enjoy a guided tour to the fascinating Charles Darwin Research Station where you can learn about one of the most successful reptile breeding programs.

charles darwin research station

Later, you can relax with a Swedish massage that uses specifically formulated blends of essential oils to sooth mind, body and spirit.

Dinner: A farewell dinner “a la carte”, wine included at Aventura Lodge.

Day 3: Final day

Morning: After breakfast, take a transfer out to the airport or to the dock depending on your program.