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Planning Your Galapagos Adventure? Check Independent Reviews First!

A trip to the Galapagos Islands is really once-in-a-lifetime. Both actually (you’ll see and experience scores of new things) and statistically (the return rate is less than 2%).

If you are only going to do something once in your whole life, you’ll probably want to choose carefully. And it isn’t just as simple as choosing a land or water based adventure. The other factor is: Who will I travel with?

Your Tour Operator Will Make (or Break) Your Galapagos Adventure

There is no doubt, the Galapagos Islands are amazing. But just being in the Galapagos doesn’t ensure a great trip. A good nights sleep, great food, an orderly schedule and friendly staff can make a good vacation a great one.

Before booking your trip, it’s worth taking the time to check some independent reviews for the tour operator. TripAdvisor is the largest site with actual visitor reviews.

Why Independent Reviews Work

The beauty of an independent review is that they are candid. Visitors will state clearly what they loved, what they found pointless and what they hated. These are all important. These reviews help you learn the strengths and weaknesses of specific operators. Reading them from a truly independent third party means you can trust them.

Of course,  reviews need to be taken with a grain of salt. A rainy day, cancelled flights or the absence of marine life are all out of any tour operators control. But a good schedule, comfortable and safe rooms, healthy food and great staff are all easily provided by a competent tour company.


TripAdvisor Galapagos Review for Red Mangrove’s Aventura Lodge

TripAdvisor has become the source for user-generated reviews of destinations, excursions and tour operators worldwide. Red Mangrove encourages all of their visitors to share their experiences on TripAdvisor – both the good and the bad.

Check what recent visitors to Red Mangrove have been saying.

Our Current Ratings with Trip Advisor

Can I Trust TripAdvisor? 

It is a good question. If tour operators had the opportunity to filter, edit or even delete negative reviews then the answer would be no. TripAdvisor would be nothing but a sanitized testimonial page – edited to represent just the best side of the company. But the fact is, companies can’t do any of that on TripAdvisor – and it is that reason that it has become the authority site for international travel. One small detail can be enough to make a trip amazing – or a washout. And travelers write it all on TripAdvisor.

Read about your tour operator: the good, the bad and the ugly. Then book your trip with confidence.

Traveling? Check TripAdvisor. We Always Do

Dena and I always check TripAdvisor before we book an international trip. And we have yet to see a hotel or operator without any negative reviews. This doesn’t mean they are bad, even the best restaurant gets a complaint sometimes. And frankly speaking, there is just no pleasing some people. These reviews – the good and the bad ones – all help paint a picture of what the hotel, the excursion and the tour operator is really like. And if they offer the type of trip that you want.

Check what recent visitors to Red Mangrove have been saying.

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