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Red Mangrove Nominated for International Diver Certification Award

This week, we are at the DEMA Show in Las Vegas. And we are honored to have been nominated for Entry Level Certification Growth award. This award recognizes the significant growth our dive program has experienced over the past year.

Recognized For Growth in Diver Training 

Red Mangrove was nominated for the award for most Entry Level Certification Growth by Padi among all the dive centers in the Americas.  This Award was presented at Padi LIVE show at DEMA in Las Vegas.  We did not win but the nomination is a very nice recognition of our growth in Entry Level Padi diver certifications.

As you see in the image below, we are the only Galapagos facility to be nominated and just one-of-six in all of South America.


Nominees for: Entry Level Certification Growth Award  at the DEMA Show 2012, Las Vegas, Nevada

Red Mangrove continues to lead Galapagos diver certifications. Learn more about our new Galapagos Dive Academy, where we are training new divers each week.

Exhibiting at DEMA Show 2012, Las Vegas


Rafael Gallardo is pictured at our booth at the DEMA show. Rafael is one of our dive instructors. In this interview, he shares his favorite spots in the Galapagos and top Galapagos travel tips.

About DEMA:

DEMA is the Diving Equipment and Marketing Association, an international non-profit diving organization with more than 1600 active members. They manage educational and marketing programs for the dive industry. They also manage Ships 2 Reefs – an artificial reefing program.

From DEMA:

Mission Statement: To promote sustainable growth in safe recreational diving and snorkeling while protecting the underwater environment.

Diving in the Galapagos is an amazing experience that you’ll never forget. From entry level dives to the more advanced sites like Darwin and Wolf Islands, the Galapagos Islands stand out as one of the best dive locations on the planet.

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