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Surrounded By Animals in the Galapagos

When we stayed at the Red Mangrove Aventura Lodge (Santa Cruz Island) in the Galapagos we truly felt like we were surrounded by animals!

Regular Visitors to the Deck

While we were waiting to check in we decided to take a look at the deck. The first animal we saw was a sea lion. The sea lion was only about six feet away from us. It was a thrill for all of us, especially for our daughter.


Sea Lions

Sea lions are daily visitors at the Aventura Lodge. They swim up to the base of deck, make their way up the stairs and then waddle over to their favorite corner in the shade. It amazed me how quickly we became accustomed to seeing them. Enjoying our meals in the company of a lazy sea lion just seemed normal.

Marine Iguanas

Marine iguanas also laze around on the deck. It was a real treat to be so close to them. The marine iguanas at the Lodge were not as big as the ones we saw on the beach.


Sally Lightfoot Crabs

Sally lightfoot crabs make an appearance as well. It was comical to watch them slowly emerge from between the deck boards.

The first thing I noticed was a bright-red pointy leg slowly coming into the daylight and then a second and a third until the body was almost halfway above the boards. They are so nervous that every little vibration on the deck sends them diving for cover. Seeing this repeated many times made me think that they needed their own little theme song.

multi adventure galapagos tour

A Quick Hello And Then Off Again

While some of the animals always seem to be around, others just seemed to be passing by. Here are some of the animals we saw from the deck:

  1. finches
  2. blue-footed boobies
  3. frigate-birds
  4. brown pelicans
  5. a great blue heron
  6. lava herons
  7. geckos
  8. gulls
  9. a group of rays swimming by


While we expected to see lots of animals on our trip, we didn’t expect to see so many while we were just having breakfast!

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