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What’s the Santa Cruz Divers Lodge Like? Galapagos Lodging (Video)

Santa Cruz Divers Lodge

Santa Cruz Divers Lodge

While we were exploring the Galapagos Islands we stayed at the Red Mangrove Aventura Lodge and the Red Mangrove Divers Lodge. Both of the lodges are located on Santa Cruz Island in the town of Puerto Ayora. The Divers Lodge is on a side street just a few blocks from the water, and a short walk from the Aventura Lodge.

Unique Architecture

I love the architecture of the Divers Lodge, it certainly isn’t a cookie-cutter type building. It started out as the home of one of the islands early settlers and it appears that as the building was expanded the original building style was maintained.

I really like rustic stonework so I found seeing the islands volcanic rock as part of the structure of the building interesting. The Lodge has a number of different levels which add character to both the inside and outside of the building. The style of the building also means that each room has a unique layout.

Video Tour of The Santa Cruz Divers Lodge

Inviting Atmosphere

The Divers lodge is laid out around a central courtyard area. The courtyard is like a small private garden with greenery and a hot tub. The greenery made me feel relaxed and the hot tub was very inviting after a busy day in the water.

There is a dining room at the lodge where they serve breakfast and snacks. For larger meals we ate at the Aventura Lodge, where there is a full kitchen, buffet meals and elegant dining. The staff were all really friendly and helpful. There was a family atmosphere at the lodge which we really enjoyed.

Room at Red Mangroves Diver Lodge

Room with balcony at Red Mangroves Diver Lodge on Santa Cruz Island

Convenient Location

Room at Red Mangroves Diver Lodge SignThe Divers Lodge is located just a few blocks from the water, so it’s just a short walk to all the shops, restaurants and other tourist attractions in Puerto Ayora. While we were there the dive center was under construction and we couldn’t help noticing what a great location it would be for families who wanted to learn to dive. The Divers Lodge is right next door to the new dive academy.

Have you stayed at the Red Mangrove Divers Lodge? Please let us know what you thought of it by commenting on this post.

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