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Red Mangrove Tours

We offer the following Ecuador & Galapagos tour packages. See all our packages.

Red Mangrove Tours

Galapagos Adventures: Darwin’s Footprints 

Galapagos Diving: Diving Adventures | Dive Center

Mainland Ecuador Tours: Amazonia | Cuenca | Guayaquil | Quito | All Mainland Tours

red mangrove tours

Darwin’s Footprints

720-snorkel-sea-lionsOn the Darwin’s Footprints tour, you’ll explore two Galapagos islands: Santa Cruz and Isabela.

You begin your adventure on Santa Cruz Island, where you can observe the symbiosis between lava, endemic plants and animals.

Continue your adventure to Isabela, the iconic seahorse-shaped island. Observe the endemic and native species of Galapagos wildlife. You will access these site by snorkeling, hiking, and kayaking.

Learn more about planning your Galapagos vacation.

Diving Adventures

galapagos diving

We will take you on an underwater adventure in the Galapagos Islands.

With only a short navigation between islands, you will experience the best of each. And you won’t miss the amazing land excursions.

Our tours are for novice to advanced divers. Not certified yet? No problem. You can get your PADI certification with us!

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Mainland Ecuador Adventures

ecuador tours

Mainland Ecuador boasts beautiful Pacific beaches, the culturally rich Andes mountains and the pristine Amazon jungle.

We offer mainland Ecuador tours to: CuencaGuayaquilQuito and Amazonia.

Combine any Galapagos Adventures with a mainland tour of Ecuador. Learn more about travel in Ecuador.

We offer the following Ecuador & Galapagos tour packages. See all our packages.