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Learn About Trail Riding in Ecuador’s Andes Mountains (Video)

trail horse near CuencaA great way to extend your Galapagos trip is by visiting mainland Ecuador.

And riding horses in the Andes is a great way to see what it’s really like. There is a lot of wildlife, especially birds. And the scenery is outstanding.

Despite being just a few minutes from the city, you really can’t tell. A day trip to Centro Ecuestre Bellavista will give you a glimpse into rural life in Ecuador.

After your ride, you’ll have a traditional meal at the adobe homestead.

Learn more about The Essence of Ecuador tour.

riding horses in Ecuador


ecuador horse riding

In this video, Sebastian (head trainer and owner of the horse riding center) talks about what you can expect on a visit to the facility.

There are more than 40 horses at the facility, including quarter horses, miniature horses, Spanish horses, thoroughbred horses, show-jumping horses and mountain horses (caballo criollo).

Learn About Trail Riding in Ecuador’s Andes Mountains

Is trail riding in the Andes something that plan on doing? Learn more about The Essence of Ecuador tour.

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