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What’s The Aventura Lodge Like? Puerto Ayora, Galapagos Lodging (Video)

We have stayed at both the Red Mangrove Divers Lodge and the Aventura Lodge while visiting Santa Cruz Island in the Galapagos. Our first stay was at the Aventura Lodge.

The Aventura Lodge was really nice and the staff were very friendly. Many of the staff members spoke English which made things easier for us.

See HD video at bottom of post.


The Atmosphere Of The Aventura Lodge

The Lodge has a really unique atmosphere. It’s built in among the mangroves and has a natural feel with smooth lines and lots of texture. The rooms are clean and beautiful.

From the second and third floor I kind of felt like I was in a luxury tree house. It was really neat to see the branches winding around the building and to be able to look down on the mangroves.

The Lodge is very family friendly and our daughter did not tire of watching all the different animals on the deck. She squealed when a pelican landed on top of one of the table umbrellas, and giggled as a sea lion climbed the steps and waddled it’s way across the deck in front of her.

It was easy to see that the staff were used to having children around. They were very friendly and patient with our daughter. That made us feel comfortable and added to our trip.


My Favorites Aspects Of The Lodge

My favorite place at the Lodge is the deck. It’s one of the most peaceful place I’ve ever been. There is a dining area on the deck, as well as an area to just lounge and relax. To sit there and see the sea lions sleeping right next to the table, watch the marine iguanas basking in the sun, and see the Sally Lightfoot crabs crawling up between the deck boards was something I’ll never forget.

The inside dining area is also very nice, it looks out on the deck and then bay beyond. We felt very relaxed at meal time and enjoyed the buffet. Our daughter was an unusually fast eater at Aventura Lodge. I think being able to go out on the deck by herself (our daughter is 11 years old) and watch the animals gave her real incentive – made her stay much more interesting.

Aventura Lodge is just a 5 minute walk from the town of  Puerto Ayora. We liked being able to head out from the Lodge to take in the atmosphere of the town, it was very clean and safe. The people were very friendly and greeted us as we walked in and out of the local shops and galleries.

After a busy day of exploring it was nice to have a strong hot shower (which can be hard to find in Ecuador) to get cleaned up in, and a soft cozy bed to relax in.

You can get an idea of how beautiful the lodge is from the video slideshow below.

The Red Mangrove Aventura Lodge, Santa Cruz Island

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